My ISR Story

I became interested in the ISR program after the birth of my first child.  My husband and I have a pond and boat; water safety for our daughter was very important.  She was enrolled in ISR lessons.  I was very intrigued with the program and amazed by the results.  Our 1 year old daughter learned to swim-float-swim.  I thought about becoming an Instructor in the area, but the timing was not right.  After having our second daughter, and having her also complete the ISR program, I knew this was something I wanted to do in my life.  I wanted to be able to teach other children the same swimming survival skills that my daughters had learned.  I became a certified ISR Instructor in 2014 and I am now the second currently active Instructor in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area.   I have now also taught my son the ISR Self-Rescue® technique.  I look forward to teaching your children the ISR Self-Rescue® skills that my children have learned.


ISR lessons

My ISR Story

A Little About Michele

I am a native to Michigan, growing up in the southwestern part by New Buffalo which is along the Lake Michigan coast line.  I spent many summers swimming at Lake Michigan and in family pools.  I am an alumni from Michigan State University.  After college I spent a total of nine years in Indianapolis, IN and Dayton, OH working in the animal health industry as a sales representative.  After the birth of my first daughter, my husband Matt and I moved to Caledonia, MI.  We have three children; Maura age 8, Myla age 5 and Merritt age 2 that keep us busy.  Maura and Myla enjoy dancing at Caledonia Dance and Music Center.  Merritt tries to keep up with his older sisters.  I enjoy gardening, boating, being outside and volunteering.

I started Angel Swimmers LLC in 2015 and am the owner.  The name came from how children look like an “Angels” when in the floating position.  

Family in 2017


Family in 2015


My Children 2017


My Children 2016